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The price of expensive schools

October 04, 2009

Re "Students, time to stand up," Column, Sept. 29

Hector Tobar has it right in so many ways. What all of us in California need to realize is that the university system (UC and Cal State) is a cash cow for the state.

Every dollar invested in our university system is returned in multiples, from higher lifetime salaries paying more taxes, from attracting high-tech businesses to the state, from higher expectations for families and communities keeping kids out of trouble, and more.

Because of the severe cuts at the university where I teach, most of our lecturers will be let go next quarter and our course offerings will decline. Class sizes will increase, which will decrease access to professors. The tuition increase of 32% mentioned in the article actually becomes an additional 132%-plus when students can't get the classes they need to graduate and have to attend an extra year to graduate. It's more than sad; it's stupid.

Phil Beauchamp

Chino Hills


There is no "right to move up" -- only an opportunity to do so.

If it were a right, everybody would get a degree regardless of merit or effort -- which would obviously be absurd. You are right in that the opportunity is taken away if access is restricted.

Sergio Stone

Villa Park

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