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Olympic judges

October 06, 2009

Re "Rio parties like it's 2016," Oct. 3, and "An Olympic-sized letdown," Oct. 3

If you hate President Obama, here are the four ways to look at his involvement in the Olympics bid and how it could have turned out:

He went to Copenhagen and Chicago won: It's a corrupt payback to his crooked friends in Chicago.

He went to Copenhagen and Chicago lost: He wasted his time because he's an egomaniac.

He didn't go to Copenhagen and Chicago lost: He didn't even support America, and it cost us the Games.

He didn't go to Copenhagen and Chicago won: See, things work best when he doesn't screw them up.

My question: Why do these people hate America so much?

Steve Tatham



Finally! The International Olympic Committee has discovered South America.

To me, it seemed a no-brainer to choose Rio de Janeiro. South America has never held an Olympics.

I'm sure there are millions here who are pleased and excited that Rio has been chosen for this honor. May their Olympic experience show other countries that "yes, you can." Sorry, President Obama, but fair is fair.

Donald Dodd



Who is going to pay the bill for Michelle and Barack in their ridiculous quest for the Olympics? The decent citizens of Chicago must be celebrating, as they have avoided one of the most incredible opportunities for corruption and overspending in recent history.

Skip Bowling

Studio City


Republicans boast of being patriotic Americans, yet so anxious are they for the president to "fail" that they revel in the disappointment of millions of fellow Americans.

While congratulations are due Rio de Janeiro as the first South American city to host the Olympics, no American should celebrate Chicago's loss. The fact that Republicans have sunk to such a level of defeatism speaks volumes on the degenerate state of the party.

Mark C. Eades

Shanghai, China


I and many others have had admiration and support for President Obama, but lately he has appeared too often on TV with his policy promotions and is becoming boring and tiresome.

The latest trip -- to Copenhagen to try to get approval for Chicago to win the 2016 Olympics -- has become his biggest mistake in terms of U.S. and world prestige, a waste of taxpayer money, and it cannot be explained rationally. Obama should apologize profusely to Americans.

Fred Newman

Marina del Rey


I was born in Chicago, and as far as I know, Chicago is still a part of this great country. Some right-wing bigots cheered when the IOC rejected Chicago's bid to host the Games. Why weren't they disappointed? Most of this country was disappointed.

The Games would have created jobs for many in Chicago and all across this country, and opened the doors to thousands of visitors, creating an economic surge that would help end this horrible recession.

Roger Scott

Huntington Beach


The personal hatred from ideologues toward Obama is quite obvious -- any bad news for America, they celebrate. Unemployment goes up; blame Obama. Chicago loses its bid for the Olympics; it's Obama's fault. It couldn't possibly be that the IOC decided it was South America's turn?

As for Afghanistan, they don't get it there either -- it's the commander in chief's job to set the policy he believes is in America's best interest; the generals' job is to carry it out. They tell him the situation on the ground and what they need to accomplish his orders. It's called the "chain of command."

Phil Wilt

Van Nuys

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