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Sam Farmer's Monday film review

The Times' NFL columnist sorts through the best of what was said.

October 06, 2009|Sam Farmer

A common postgame response to questions after NFL games is, "I have to wait to see the film." Times NFL writer Sam Farmer sorts through the best of Monday's film review:


Roy Williams, Cowboys receiver, on the collision that knocked him out of Sunday's game:

"Never in my life have I been hit like that, from Pop Warner through my six years in the league. I'm 5,280 feet above sea level with asthma, so I was obviously hurting."


Jim Mora, Seattle coach, on his team's 1-3 start:

"Last year going 4-12 was extremely disappointing, and we don't want to relive that. Right now we're in a little bit of a dark spot, but we're going to find our way out of it, I promise you we are."


Bill Belichick, Patriots coach, on reports Junior Seau might be coming

out of retirement to rejoin the team:

"Well, I noticed he was doing some bull riding, bull stomping, or some bulls were stomping him, or whatever it was. We'll have to take a look at that workout and see how he looked doing that."


John Harbaugh, Ravens coach, on a pivotal roughing-the-passer call involving Tom Brady:

"I know Joe [Flacco] got hit [six] different times hard, and there was one call. There were five that weren't called, and the one that was called was the sixth. Tom didn't get hit five times. We want him to be hit more than he was hit, but when he did sort of get hit, it was called. That goes to the credibility of the whole thing."


Jim Schwartz, Lions coach, asked if he plans to make any changes to his coaching staff after Sunday's 48-24 loss to Chicago:

"I'm not George Steinbrenner."


David Carr, Giants

backup quarterback , on being prepared to play if

Eli Manning is sidelined

by his foot injury:

"I feel as good as I did the day I showed up in the NFL. Mentally I am a lot better quarterback than I was my first year. I had no clue what I was doing."

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