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This guy isn't buffaloed by Bills' play

Darryl Talley can tell exactly what is wrong with his former team.

October 06, 2009|Mike Penner

Sitting in his Orlando, Fla., home Sunday, watching the Buffalo Bills fall behind the Miami Dolphins by 28 points, ex-Bill Darryl Talley turned to Twitter to voice his frustration.

First he tweeted: "Does anyone out there have 1 billion I can borrow? I'd like to buy the Bills and give back to the good people of Buffalo the team they deserve." Then he added: "The Bills need to fire more than a coach. I see a few players who need to be sent packing."

Bills owner Ralph Wilson had less to say than Talley about his team's 38-10 defeat. "Listen fellas, you saw the game, just like I did. There's nothing for me to say. What can I say?"

Trivia time

Which backup quarterback led the Bills to an astounding 32-point rally in the second half of a 1993 playoff game against the Houston Oilers?

Going 0 for 3

Chris Evert and Greg Norman are separating after 15 months of marriage, likely ending Evert's third marriage.

"Fifteen months? Greg Norman and Chris Evert are separating after 15 months?" wrote Dan Daly of the Washington Times. "What do you call that, a marriage or playing through?

"Fifteen months? Heck, I've seen Sergio Garcia take longer than that to address the ball. As for Evert, she's been wed now to an Australian [Norman], a Brit [John Lloyd] and an American [Andy Mill], which puts her only a Frenchman away from the matrimonial grand slam.

"Memo to Eva Longoria: Don't let Tony Parker out of your sight."

Old Faithful

New York Yankees closer Mariano Rivera, who turns 40 in November, is the scourge of American League hitters despite throwing his specialty pitch -- a cut fastball -- 92% of the time.

"You know what's coming," Seattle Mariners designated hitter Mike Sweeney told Sports Illustrated, "but you know what's coming in horror movies, too. It still gets you."

Trivia answer

Frank Reich.

And finally

From Scott Ostler of the San Francisco Chronicle: "I hope the NBA's replacement refs have access to the secret files, so they know which special favors to bestow on the superstars. Here's one for you guys: Whatever LeBron does is a foul on the other guy."


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