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Foes, fans of Whitman

October 07, 2009

and "Arrogance may be Whitman's" Column, Oct. 5

I have two signs for the campaign trail:

"Sorry Meg, I will be too busy to register and vote for you."

And: "Meg, ever heard of the absentee ballot?"

Vincent J. Carollo


I am very glad Meg Whitman was not a registered voter a few years back. I am very glad she did not vote. This is to her credit.

She was very busy not only running a large company but furthering it, making it a big success. She puts all of her energies into the job for which she's responsible. This is to her credit.

There are too many people who vote because they think it's the American way. There are too many people who do not study the issues and merely vote without thought on the issues. This is one of the factors that has our state in such a detrimental status.

Whitman has proved she exerts all her abilities to the job at hand. She will be a great next governor.

Audrey Wicks


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