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Florida State checks in at No. 7

Winless New Mexico leads the way, futility wise.

October 08, 2009|Steve Harvey

How can Florida State fans complain that Bobby Bowden's team is never ranked anymore? Why, just this week the 'Nuls checked in at No. 7 in the Bottom Ten.

Of course, they have a way to go to catch No. 1 New Mexico, which is winless. But BT pollsters tend to discount early-season victories, so Florida State (2-3) still has a chance to capture the Bottom Ten trophy, which depicts a Velveeta cheese statuette of Ryan Leaf being sacked in his own end zone.

Another contender is Buffalo, which took over No. 2. But the Bulls must guard against a mowing down by Gardner-Webb.

Cal, meanwhile, cruised into No. 11, having been outscored 6-72 in its last two games. By the way, has California lowered admission requirements? Late in the second quarter of the Dancing Bears' shellacking by USC, a TV camera caught a Cal cheerleader waving a "LOUD" placard -- upside down.

*--* Rk. Wreck (Rec.) Last Loss Next Loss 1. New Mexico (0-5) 28-48, Texas Tech Wyoming 2. Buffalo (1-4) 13-20, Central Michigan Gardner-Webb 3. Rice (0-5) 10-27, Tulsa Navy 4. Miami (Ohio) 0-5 13-37, Cincinnati Northwestern 5. Purdon't (1-4) 21-27, Northwestern Minnehaha 6. Ball State (0-5) 30-37, Toledo Temple 7. Florida State (2-3) 21-28, Boston College Georgia Tech 8. Bowling Green (1-4) 37-44, Ohio Kent State 9. Memphis (1-4) 14-32, Central Florida Texas (El Paso) 10. Washington State (1-4) 6-52, Oregon Arizona State *--*

11. Cal (0-2 in conference); 12. Colorado (1-3); 13. Syracuse (2-3); 14. Vanderbilt (2-3); 15. Ole Miss State (2-3); 16. Tennessee (2-3); 17. Alabama Birmingham (2-3); 18. On disabled list; 19. Arizona State (2-2); 20. Chicago's Olympics bid (0-1).

Others NOT receiving votes (in alphabetical order): Texas of El Touchdown Paso (2-3), a 58-41 winner over Houston.

Disabled list: Ill. (1-3).

Crummy game of the week: Washington State (1-4) vs. Arizona State (2-2).

Special citation: Though Alabama Birmingham has won just two of five games, it's the sixth dirtiest Division I team, having been penalized 43 times. Texas Tech is No. 1 with 55. USC is 11th dirtiest with 39 citations.


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