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There was no 'Hitch' in this plan

The TNT movie starring Will Smith and Kevin James is dumped for the start of the Angels-Red Sox game, which had to be moved off TBS because of extra Yankees innings.


Some of the highs and lows of watching Angels-Red Sox Game 2:

Say hey

Too bad, "Hitch" fans. Half-hour into the TNT movie, and the flick starring Will Smith and Kevin James was dumped for the start of the Angels-Red Sox game, which had to be moved off TBS because of extra Yankees innings.

Say what?

Erick Aybar is a trusting guy. Analyst Buck Martinez pointed out how Aybar checked with plate umpire CB Bucknor on whether a pitch Aybar swung at and missed would have been over the plate. Bucknor was the first base umpire Thursday night who badly missed two calls. Aybar went ahead and singled on the next pitch. Best not to leave your fate to Bucknor

Replay this

Illustrative graphic arrow in the bottom of the fourth when Bobby Abreu was increasing his lead off first base (to nine feet, according to red box). That was just before Vlad Guerrero slapped a single through the space where Abreu had been. Homework done. Producer understands Angels baseball.

Replay this II

Love the clear opportunities to lip-read. OK, sometimes it's R-rated, but seeing Jered Weaver mouth "wow" after ball four was called when his pitch seemed to have been a strike (even PitchTrax said strike) is better than commentary.

Sharp shot

Seeing Angels catcher Mike Napoli make the perfect little shoulder turn so that Red Sox pitcher Josh Beckett's curveball hit Napoli where it wouldn't hurt and then Beckett's angry reaction with some speaking of how Napoli should have moved.

Before and after

Torii Hunter got a lot of pregame credit from Don Orsillo and Buck Martinez for the Angels' 5-0 win over the Red Sox in Game 1 because of his three-run homer. But, geez, pitcher John Lackey had a bit to do with that as well. The "Inside MLB" set hurts the eyes.

Not in the box score

It's nice to have a pair of starting second basemen. Just ask Angels Manager Mike Scioscia. Game 1 starter Howie Kendrick came in to run for Guerrero, stole second and scored the go-ahead run on Game 2 second baseman Maicer Izturis' single. Second basemen rule.

And another thing:

While the TBS play-by-play guy for this series, Don Orsillo, is a regular Red Sox broadcaster, Angels fans shouldn't be able to find a hint of bias so far. Orsillo has been nothing but fair. He still shouldn't have been assigned to this series, though.


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