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Horse sense

October 10, 2009

I see no reason why Lava Man [Oct. 3] should be not be allowed to race. It appears that he is a much healthier (and happier) horse now than he was last year, thanks mainly to his stem cell treatment. I fully understand the arguments of those who oppose his potential entry in upcoming races; however, the trainer and owners have all agreed that if there is a setback, then the experiments are off and Lava Man retires. So why not allow an old horse to go out in a blaze of glory?

David Tulanian

Los Angeles


Is it just me? It seems like we have to lose at least one horse for each day of racing. I am a horse racing fan, but the price for our enjoyment is too high. I propose we make thoroughbred horse racing illegal and legalize bullfighting. We would still be killing a similar number of majestic animals, but at least some of the bulls would have a chance to inflict a similar punishment on us. Although I doubt they would find it entertaining.

Wes Correll

Laguna Beach

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