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Two good men

October 10, 2009

The resignation tendered to the governor by Tim Noonan as chairman of the California State Athletic Commission is a blow to combative sports in California. As a fight promoter for nearly 25 years I have worked with some good commission chairmen, but none of the caliber of Tim Noonan. His knowledge, integrity and fairness in dealing with many critical issues made him the best.

Roy Englebrecht

Newport Beach


Sam Farmer's story about John Madden [Oct. 5] spoke about Madden the football coach, the gamer, the commentator. But I remember John for the special type of man he is.

Forty years ago, I interviewed for my first job as a newspaper reporter. Four months after I was hired, my editor told me the biggest reason he hired me was because of a phone call he got from John Madden. I didn't ask John to call. John never mentioned it.

John told the editor about my experience at San Diego State, where John was coaching. My editor said John also talked about what kind of person I was, and recommended the paper hire me. John's unsolicited and unexpected call got me the job, and started my career. Few people would have gone out of their way to do what he did for me.

Donn Dufford


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