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Do's and don'ts of Cambridge

October 11, 2009

My wife and I enjoyed Chris Reynolds' article about Cambridge ["Cambridge in Session," Oct. 4]. However, we have one little problem: Why in the world did he recommend the restaurant Grafton Street? My family and I were there in May. We ordered the scallops and the wild mushrooms, both of which should have been delectable. They were anything but. We waited almost an hour after ordering (and 20 minutes plus just to order) to receive these disasters. We wound up eating cheeseburgers and chips somewhere on Mass Ave. The Grafton has a splendid location, and it is pretty enough as Boston-area bars go, but the only thing I'd ever order there now would be a beer.

Richard Weld Savary



As a kid who grew up just north of Fresno in Madera (go, Dogs!), whose father went to Harvard for undergrad and who ended up following his dad to Cambridge for grad school, I really got a kick out of Reynolds' list. I was hoping he would mention the Hong Kong, a Chinese dive on Mass Ave., but his undercover work was still impressive. I've been reminiscing all morning.

Canh Oxelson

Studio City

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