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Going after pot wastes resources

October 15, 2009

Re "D.A. prepares to crack down on pot outlets," Oct. 9

Even though a majority of L.A. County and California citizens wanted to make pot more readily available to those who benefit medically, it doesn't matter to these "crusaders of right" what most people want. Can't the prosecution spending spree on these matters be better spent on keeping our cops from being laid off?

After 26 years on the Superior Court bench, I can tell you by experience that looking for baby-killers and out-of-control gang members is far more important.

Jack Gold

Studio City


I am an elderly man who has a glaucoma condition, which has resulted in the loss of my right eye. The pain was comparable to a bad toothache. I found that marijuana helped reduce, and sometimes eliminate, the pain.

Although there are those who purchase from these places who are not entitled, there are so many more who are suffering and who really need this product.

Seymour Wayne



I am certainly relieved that our district attorney will be spending precious resources prosecuting medical marijuana dispensaries.

I am sure there is enormous wisdom in closing down taxpaying entities that have business reasons for not selling to minors and observing other regulations.

Instead, we can cut tax revenue and force sales back onto the black market, where there is no incentive to observe any regulations. Clearly a major public policy win.

Steve Persky

Santa Monica


Is every murderer in jail? Has every burglar been caught? Is every missing parolee found? Has every abused child been protected?

Might I suggest there are other, better priorities for our tax dollars?

Jack Keady

Playa del Rey


I feel so much safer knowing that the cannabis clubs will be closed and the gangs can take back their monopoly on drug sales.

Jon Hartmann

Los Angeles


There is legitimate concern about recently opened medical marijuana dispensaries.

However, a good number of dispensaries have been open a long time with permits and that pay taxes that provide our city with much-needed revenue. They provide a service to thousands with legitimate prescriptions.

How is this plan compassionate to those who need medical marijuana to endure pain and nausea from their diagnosed medical conditions?

Ellen Jannol

Valley Glen

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