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A vegan and a carnivore find common ground around Studio City

It's a sustainable relationship.

October 16, 2009|Mark Sachs

When series host Rachelle Carson talks about "Living With Ed" on the Planet Green channel, she's speaking from experience -- she's married to actor, vegan and staunch environmental activist Ed Begley Jr. The meat-eating missus says the biggest challenge about life with you-know-who is finding common dining ground.

Ed, who has a new book out, "A Guide to Sustainable Living," offered his own perspective. "Before we were married, she would say, 'Honey, I made a tofu loaf. Let's take a bus to the environmental rally!' And then once the ring went on her finger, it was, 'I want a steak and a limo ride!' "

"We play a married couple a lot better on screen than in real life," said Rachelle with a laugh.

Rachelle, Ed and their daughter, Hayden, live in Studio City.


Can't go wrong

Ed Begley Jr.: Our favorite restaurant is probably the Vegan Plate right here in Studio City. I live at that place. Also the Outtake Cafe. It's right in the neighborhood too. You can go in there casual, in jeans, but it's still really good food.

Rachelle Carson: Ed usually walks there -- he walks everywhere -- and I'll drive right behind him in the car. I usually order the salmon, it's excellent, and they've also got the best Chinese chicken salad.

EB: I'm a vegan, but they're able to accommodate us. I like the soups and vegetable plates, and they have terrific salads.


No fashionistas

EB: I hate to shop. I'll buy clothing every two or three years. I'll wear shorts until they look like a collection of dental floss.

RC: I make up for him, because I love to shop, and usually that means the Grove, or Westfield in Sherman Oaks. I like Dari right here in Studio City, but usually I'll wait until something I like goes on sale. There are a lot of shops on that strip of Ventura Boulevard by Art's Deli. If I want to get a real bargain, I'll go to Voila on Magnolia. I don't really care about high fashion; my life is pretty casual.


Family on wheels

EB: On a Saturday afternoon, Rachelle and I like to take Hayden to the Moonlight Rollerway in Glendale, an indoor roller-skating rink. They play Top 40 music and some oldies, and it's a great experience.

RC: Ed's a really good skater, and so's my daughter. They can go backwards and the whole bit. Me, not so much.

EB: Another thing I like to do is ride my bike up Wilacre Loop in the Santa Monica Mountains.

RC: While he's doing that, I'll hike up Fryman Canyon. Or I'll take a Pilates class, or a ballet class at Anna Cheselka Dance Center on Moorpark. They have a beginner's class for adults who took ballet as children and need a refresher. It's right by a good vegan Mexican restaurant called Leonor's.


A local Sunday

EB: On Sunday morning, we like to go to the Good Earth for breakfast. I'll get the tofu scramble with beans and potatoes. It's very good.

RC: I order their oatmeal, and their omelets are excellent.

EB: And then we'll go to the Studio City farmers market. And that night we'd probably go out to dinner.

RC: Sometimes agreeing on where to eat is a nightmare, but we still eat out a lot. He is who he is, and there's no gray area.

EB: Except in my hair.

RC: What hair?


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