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Different readings on literacy

October 16, 2009

Re "Lives that shame a literate city," Column, Oct. 13

I'm having a hard time with all this U.S. and L.A. shame game; the main responsibility should go to the countries of origin.

If they do not find it necessary to educate their citizens, why are we to blame?

Their citizens come here to make a better life for themselves, and we readily accept that. Yes, we can always do more, but is it really the role of the government -- whether city or federal -- to make sure all "visitors" can read and write? Where in one of their countries, for instance, might I as a foreigner be able to get education at local taxpayers' expense?

I appreciate you wanting to help those who are clearly at a huge disadvantage. But please, also make a point of listing all the agencies that already exist where newcomers can go to learn and broaden their horizons -- including learning to read and write.

Julia Find

Los Angeles


Your column is a perfect example of politically correct thinking run amok. Countries such as Mexico and Honduras fail to educate their own people, and when those people arrive here illiterate (and in some cases, illegally) we're supposed to be ashamed?

Nonsense! The shame is on the countries that have failed their own citizens so badly that they have to emigrate to survive.

D.R. Win

San Diego

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