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Humans in harm's way

October 17, 2009

Re "Drama in sky runs aground," Oct. 16

Contradictions ruled the news on Thursday. The Times' front page dealt with the dilemma about sending more troops to Afghanistan, and the national afternoon news dealt with a 6-year-old boy perhaps flying alone in a balloon over Colorado.

The 6-year-old drew national attention, but unfortunately, when boys become adults, attention greatly diminishes.

Instead of the word "troops," why not use the word "humans"?

Perhaps then more Americans will question why we are sending our young people into harm's way in foreign lands where there is no apparent threat to our security.

David N. Hartman

Santa Ana

I watched in horror, and in tears, for that little boy. Unless this was a genuine emergency, two things should happen:

The parents should have to pay for the rescue services, the flight diversions and the TV stations' expenses. Also, child protective services should pay them a visit.

There has to be some punishment for putting the entire country in a state of despair by perhaps using a child as a prop to further an obsession with publicity.

Carolyn Crandall



I hope that the authorities throw the book at the family for the balloon escapade. Think of all the passengers flying to and from Denver who were unnecessarily inconvenienced. Count the hours and dollars wasted.

All this for a little media time?

Isabel Downs

Santa Barbara

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