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TBS intro to Game 2 is a little better. A graphic is wrong, but Ron Darling has some insights.



Some of the highs and lows of watching Dodgers-Phillies Game 2.

Say hey

"It's another sun-splashed California day," said Chip Caray, which was better than Thursday's "Deja vu all over again" start to Game 1. But Caray couldn't stop. "Bright sunny skies," he said. "Near 90-degree temperatures." He referred to the sun more times than I wanted to count. Chip, it's Southern California. And, yes, that was the sun.

Say what?

In the bottom of the fourth, with Manny Ramirez at bat, TBS had a graphic that indicated Ramirez had never hit a postseason home run. Oops. Manny hit one Thursday night. Just for starters.

Sharp Shot

With the Dodgers behind, 1-0, Ramirez struck out for the second out in the seventh.

While analyst Ron Darling was saying Ramirez looked as if, "He's teetering on a boat in stormy waters," Ramirez put his batting helmet on the top of the bat as if he were putting his own head on a skewer.

Replay this

When Matt Kemp came up for the Dodgers in the bottom of the eighth with the bases loaded, TBS was ready with a montage of Kemp's three grand slams this season. Even though Kemp didn't do the spectacular (and actually ended up striking out), the montage coincided with the sudden energy at the stadium.

Before & after

Once again TBS made no mention of the other Dodgers story being covered everywhere else: the ramifications of the split between Dodgers owner Frank McCourt and his wife, Jamie McCourt, the club's chief executive.

Not in the pregame or postgame shows, not during the game. A TBS spokesman said: "TBS is very proud of its game coverage and has no information to advance the story." The McCourts are invisible on TBS.

Not in the box score

While Phillies second baseman Chase Utley's throwing error in the eighth will be in the boxscore, what can't be quantified is the look of despair on his face or the fact it was his second horribly wild throw in two days. Is his confidence gone? That's the look he had.

And another thing

Darling is good. When Kemp's fly ball went foul with one out and the bases loaded in the eighth, Darling noted that Phillies right fielder Jayson Werth didn't want to catch the ball because Russell Martin would have scored from third.


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