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Blaxploitation nonsense

October 18, 2009

The content of the article on blaxploitation film was utter nonsense. ("Blaxploitation Cinema: Can You Dig it?" Oct. 11)

To denigrate Sidney Poitier as if he wasn't black enough to elicit respect for his film career is ridiculous. The impact he had on black pride in the 1950s and 1960s was immeasurable.

The actors listed would have been lucky to have shared a frame of film with such an outstanding actor and humanitarian.

The story also failed to mention the likes of Forest Whitaker, Jamie Foxx and Don Cheadle. All three have given powerful, and in two cases Oscar-winning, performances.

There is no doubt the blaxploitation era has its place in cinema history, but the truth is once "the man" made as much money as he could from them, he split, sucka.

Rodney K. Boswell

Thousand Oaks

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