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Bible reading is recommended

October 18, 2009

Regarding Susan Salter Reynolds' piece on Richard Dawkins ("Evolving Argument," Oct. 11), I find the best book to know about the relationship between God and man is still the Bible.

It amazes me how he has allowed man to create the environment where we find ourselves today.

He did not have to intercede but minimally because he has allowed us to make our mistakes, and we have by the bucketfuls.

If this is not the most valuable lesson we can ever learn about human nature and man's propensity to go his own way, we will never learn.

So if people want to read the Bible and no other instrument of education, you will find a direct correlation between our decisions and the outcomes we produce.

Your relationship with God should never be forced or taught as to how and what God is in relationship to your life.

Good article.

Posted by JR Jake

Via Jacket Copy

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