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LuxLash: The new salon is all about lashes

The country's first salon specializing in eyelashes and brows recently opened a Beverly Hills branch.

October 18, 2009|Kavita Daswani

With the focus these days being so much on lashes, it was just a matter of time before a beauty destination opened up devoted entirely to them.

LuxLash, the nation's first specialty salon for lashes and brows, opened a branch in Beverly Hills in June, specializing in lash extensions, Botox brow lifts, treatments to lighten circles under the eyes -- and just about anything else to do with that part of the face.

"We set out to specialize in lash extensions, to become something of a national authority," said Suzanne Cats, chief executive of LuxLash, which opened its first outlet in Boston in 2005 and will open in Las Vegas next year. In addition, there will be LuxLash outlets in several area Nordstrom stores by the end of the year.

The eyes are an area that had been consistently overlooked by beauty salons, spas and medi-spas, Cats says. At her salon, services include the top-of-the-line Bad Boy Lashes (150 extensions that last about two months) which costs as much as $450, and prosthetic brow fitting ($250) for those who have lost their brows because of chemotherapy. The Eyebrite Makeover is intended to give the client a "doe-eyed" look, by whitening the eyes and tightening the area underneath. These treatments can run $100 to $600.

Cats launched a line of eye products to coincide with the opening of LuxLash. There are now 32 products in the collection, including Wicked Lash, a lash stimulator that contains biotin and the amino acid arginine, both said to help with lash strengthening and lengthening. There are also lash cleansers, mascaras and brow pencils, ranging from $18 to $150.

LuxLash. 9640 Santa Monica Blvd., Beverly Hills. (310) 273-5274.


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