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Enforce those immigration laws

October 18, 2009

Re "Tougher rules on policing migrants," Oct. 14

I did a double-take after reading the article.

Rather than toughening enforcement of immigration laws, Washington is making it tougher for local police to report illegal immigrants so they can be deported.

This is what passes for "immigration reform" in the looking-glass world of politicians and their journalistic cheerleaders at The Times.

Kenneth Pasternack

Santa Barbara


I am mystified and upset by the new rules implemented by our government making it harder to deport illegal aliens. I actually thought being in the country "illegally" is against the law -- but what do I know?

The two sisters (ages 16 and 18) arrested for brawling at their high school are subject to deportation. Perhaps these are lovely girls who value their education and are assets to the community -- but it doesn't sound like it.

At the other end of the spectrum, we have the UC system, which had proposed raising the cost for certain majors such as engineering -- making it more difficult for our best and brightest to achieve their dreams. These kids deserve help. Or maybe we should churn out more Wall Street brokers and lenders who gave us this economy.

It seems we give more attention, help and "rights" to people who denigrate our society -- and yet somehow punish those who, by their aspirations, tend to elevate it.

Judy Winick

Los Angeles


Here we go again: The Times prints another story about illegal immigrants finally being found out (in another state) replete with all the hand-wringing and protests from them and their supporters who have no intention of obeying the laws of this country.

Law enforcement and our immigration agencies should be working in concert -- and working overtime -- to enforce every one of this country's immigration laws. Otherwise, why even have such laws?

Ron Romanosky


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