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Taking the initiative

October 18, 2009

Re "Straight talk on governing," Column, Oct. 15

George Skelton's article on governing struck home with me. He talks about Justice Ronald George, who eschews the merits of the initiative process, and why the Legislature is so dysfunctional.

I can't remember a time in my life when I or one of my friends have started an "initiative" to change something in our state Constitution.

But I do remember the plethora of "special-interest groups and lobbyists" who come forward every year with some harebrained plan to change something, all written in convoluted language that would have stressed even my former English professor.

And to support my contention, there on The Times' front page, another subheading: "Lawmakers, insurers and unions scramble to protect their interests ..." I rest my case.

Ronald Moya Sr.

La Verne


What planet are these guys living on? The annual budget fiasco shows that the Legislature cannot do what it is supposed to do.

The voters are fed up, and rightly so. To blame the voters just shows Skelton's lack of awareness beyond Sacramento. Chief Justice George misses the point, but most judges do.

Jim Lynch

Cardiff, Calif.

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