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Game 3 outlasts much-discussed rainstorm

Fox announcer Joe Buck obsessed about an imminent rainstorm, only to watch both the Angels and Yankees play through and outlast it.

October 18, 2009|DIANE PUCIN

Some of the highs and lows of watching Angels-Yankees Game 2.

Say hey

"Mind passing the overcoat again, it's still cold and windy, just like Game 1," said Fox pregame show host Chris Rose. "The teams will battle the elements."

Say what?

Doppler Radar so lied to Joe Buck. Well, figuratively at least. Buck, Fox's play-by-play announcer, told us often that rain was "imminent." He said Doppler Radar was telling him, and us, that rain would come in large amounts by 10 p.m. EDT, that it was likely the game might not finish. Rain finally came, and the game lasted so long that the rain stopped.

Replay this

Umpire Jerry Layne's surprising decision that Angels shortstop Erick Aybar didn't touch second base, costing the team a double play in the 10th. Buck and Tim McCarver avoided saying that Aybar's foot didn't touch the base. They did say it was an odd time for that call. Lucky that Aybar didn't make like Serena Williams and have some suggestions about where Layne might put the baseball.

Sharp shot

The debut of Fox Trax Plus, which computes the speed of the baseball when it leaves the pitcher's hand and when it crosses home plate.

Before & after

Talk, talk, talk about weather, weather, weather. And, talk, talk, talk about weather, weather, weather. At the end of the 11th, Buck said, for about the 11th time, "On a cold, windy and now rainy night."

Not in the box score

How the top of the fifth inning took 23 minutes. It seemed like forever, those 23 minutes. There's no stopwatch in the box score. But there is at Fox.

And another thing

Sometimes Joe Buck makes you go huh. "What a year," Buck said enthusiastically when Yankee relief pitcher Phil Coke entered the game. On the screen the stats showed that Coke was 4-3 with a 4.50 earned-run average.

But then Buck quickly noticed that in the top of the fourth, Torii Hunter was "slow getting out of the box," and, indeed a stumble cost him an infield hit. Good call. And Buck didn't need Doppler.


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