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Reaching the tipping point

October 18, 2009

Regarding "Yes, Tip the Maid," by Catharine Hamm [On the Spot, Oct. 11]. I don't know where Joe McInerney got the idea that taking care of the housekeeping staff has come about in only the last 10 to 15 years. During the summer between my high school graduation (1954) and my entrance into college, I worked as a chambermaid at a lodge in Lake Tahoe. The people I served tipped me so well that I was able to send my salary checks home to my mom to put in my college account. Since then, I regularly leave tips on the dresser for chambermaids.

Sandra Smith

Yorba Linda


Hotel maids have a difficult, poor-paying job. I do not want the responsibility of providing them with wages I believe their employer owes them. Thus, I stay at motels and suggest maids be paid a living wage.

John Holmstrom


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