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Freedom of the press

October 19, 2009

Re "Reporters' access restricted," Oct. 15

The Los Angeles Board of Supervisors should read the U.S. Constitution allowing freedom of the press.

Why is the board restricting access? Is there something to hide?

If lobbyists and union representatives are entitled to conduct business in hallways during board meetings, then the journalists should be too. It is increasingly important for reporters to have access to local politicians. Supervisors are rarely in the spotlight.

We need the information provided by newspapers to keep us updated and politicians honest.

Annjeanette Harrison



To find out what "they are afraid the reporters will find out," why can't the reporters become lobbyists (for readers) and gain admittance to the back room?

And while they're at it, find out where the "tens of thousands of dollars" comes from.

Amy Stephens

San Marino

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