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Show us the money

October 19, 2009

Re "The $100 question," Opinion, Oct. 16

Regarding Paul Whitefield's essay about finding $100 on the sidewalk: It was mine.

Not in the sense that I, personally, dropped it, but in the sense that over the years, I am sure I have lost at least that much to the sidewalk, in dribs and drabs.

So it's mine, cosmically speaking, and I'd like it back.

If he sends the $100 to me, I promise to spend it on Cub Scout materials for my son.

It wasn't "like stealing" when he picked it up, and it wasn't "like losing" when I lost it. But as a writer, I think it is safe for me to say that Mr. W., being in the editing profession, could use a little karmic boost.

George Waters



I feel compelled to respond, as you obviously have found this money unintentionally, you are gainfully employed -- and you are ridden with guilt as to what to do.

Anyone who would carelessly lose a $100 bill obviously is reckless with their money. Someone apparently shoved this bill in his pocket hurriedly, and while possibly extracting his keys, dropped it. "Found money" -- finders keepers. Don't waste moral and ethical energy on the obvious carelessness of those who are responsible for their own actions.

Charles Leon Riverside


The writer doesn't know what to do with his lucky find? Suggestion: Give it to Bessie Mae Berger -- the 97-year-old homeless mother on The Times' front page.

Tom Tomeoni

Thousand Oaks

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