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Perhaps they're at a loss to explain it

Detroit lost again, but things could be worse. The Lions' head coach, defensive coordinator and offensive coordinator all came from teams now scuffling around the bottom of the NFL power ratings.

October 19, 2009|Mike Penner

The Detroit Lions lost again on Sunday, 26-0 to Green Bay, but things could be worse. Head Coach Jim Schwartz, defensive coordinator Gunther Cunningham and offensive coordinator Scott Linehan all came from teams now scuffling around the bottom of the NFL power ratings.

Schwartz was defensive coordinator for the Tennessee Titans last season. They are 0-6 without him.

Cunningham was defensive coordinator for the Kansas City Chiefs last season. They are 1-5 without him.

Linehan was head coach of the St. Louis Rams last season. They are 0-6 without him. Either Schwartz, Cunningham and Linehan are irreplaceable, or they got out of town when the going was good.


Trivia time

Which former American League batting champion made the last out against Sandy Koufax in two of the Dodger left-hander's four no-hitters?


At least they look good

The Rams' 0-6 start has driven away fans in droves, much the same way the team did in Anaheim during the early '90s. But one fan hasn't given up on them, as he pointed out in a letter to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

"I am one fan, since '52 at age 7 in L.A., who is not going to complain anymore this year," wrote Ed Chandler of Las Vegas. "Been through this before. Just root for my Rams every Sunday and hope they pull one out.

"We have new management, a new coach and probably a new owner by next year. So [we will] go from there.

"As I tell my friends, 'we have the best-looking helmets in the NFL!!!' "


Beaned too many times

Charles Barkley recently took in an Aussie Rules football game during a trip to Australia and came away asking a question: Why would anybody in the world want to play this sport?

"I don't want to insult the Australians," Barkley told ESPN Radio, "[but] I am like, 'These guys are some damn idiots . . .'

"Nobody plays football without pads every week for three, four or five months and don't make any money. At least in the NFL, you are going to kill yourself and . . . you get to be a millionaire after it's over."


Trivia answer

Harvey Kuenn, 1959 American League batting champion with Detroit. On May 11, 1963, Kuenn was the last San Francisco batter in Koufax's second no-hitter, hitting a bouncer back to the mound.

On Sept. 9, 1965, Kuenn struck out as the last Chicago Cubs batter in Koufax's 1-0 perfect game.


And finally

From David Letterman: "Los Angeles and New York have one of those ridiculous bets. If New York wins, we get a case of wine from the Napa Valley. If L.A. wins, we send them the Knicks."


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