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Opening montage gives fans an unpleasant reminder of Game 3 drubbing

TBS showed images from the game with Joe Torre talking about never wanting 'to get your rear-end kicked.'

October 20, 2009|DIANE PUCIN

Some of the highs and lows of watching Dodgers-Phillies Game 4:

Say hey

Tough opening montage for Dodgers fans on TBS, accompanied by the voice of Manager Joe Torre saying, "You never want to get your rear end kicked, no question about it." Thanks for the memories of the 11-0 Philadelphia win in Game 3.

Say what?

This is a general impression, but Chip Caray, on the play-by-play, makes every fly ball sound as if it's going to be a home run. And then, when there is a home run, it sounds as if it was a fly ball out. An announcer's tone actually sets the tone.

Replay this

In the bottom of the sixth, Manny Ramirez's totally casual and ultimately unsuccessful efforts to get the Phillies' Shane Victorino out at third. Caray said Ramirez "missed the cutoff man." During the replay, analyst Buck Martinez was more emphatic. "If Manny hits the first cutoff man, [Rafael] Furcal, they have a shot at third base." Ron Darling added, "You always want to hit Furcal, he's one of the best cutoff men in the league." And both Martinez and Darling noted Ramirez had missed two cutoff men.

Replay this II

To end the sixth inning, Ramirez made a shoe-top catch on a Raul Ibanez line drive. The camera caught a smirk on Manny's face even before the ball stayed in his glove. As Martinez said, "If that thing gets by him, they're running all day."

Sharp shot

Jonathan Broxton backpedaling to the dugout even before the winning run scored. He just disappeared. Like the Dodgers' chances?

Before and after

Philadelphia fans make a different noise than other fans. It is more heartfelt. That's how they were until Matt Kemp's go-ahead home run. For a while you've never heard such silence in a ballpark. Until Rollins' game winner. Philadelphians got sound.

Not in the box score

Dodgers starter Randy Wolf threw three pitches to Jimmy Rollins in the bottom of the third. According to the TBS PitchTrax, all three were strikes. But Wolf had a 3-0 count on Rollins.

And another thing

The TBS crew was busy dissecting the baserunning error by the Angels' Bobby Abreu, busy praising the Yankees' Derek Jeter on said play and busy worshiping Yankees first baseman Mark Teixeira (the Yankees lost said game 5-4, by the way) and by doing so almost missed Kemp's blast. Shut up about the Yankees already.


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