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Green Bay fans, and mayor, will get to make this decision

Mayor Jim Schmitt wants fans to suggest 'tasteful' ways to welcome ex-Packer and noted flip-flopper Brett Favre back to town when the Vikings visit on Nov. 1.

October 20, 2009|Mike Penner

The mayor of Green Bay, Wis., has issued a challenge to Packers fans, a challenge that could be subtitled "Mission Impossible." He wants fans to submit ways to "tastefully" welcome Brett Favre back to Green Bay when Favre's Minnesota Vikings play the Packers on Nov. 1.

According to the city's website, Mayor Jim Schmitt is asking fans to send in ideas and he'll select his favorite four.

One suggestion calls for making the world's largest waffle in the shape of the number 4.

The website lists several possibilities, including:

* Importing the Norwich (Conn.) Free Academy marching band for a halftime show. Norwich is the birthplace of Benedict Arnold.

* Inviting Italian actor Luca Lionello to sing the national anthem. Lionello played Judas in "Passion of the Christ."

* Encouraging all fans to wear flip-flops despite the potential cold.

* Showing a video replay of every interception Favre has ever thrown . . . despite the likelihood that such a montage could last longer than the game itself.


Trivia time

How many times did Hall of Fame Packers quarterback Bart Starr pass for more than 3,000 yards in a season?


Take out the trash, Lawrence

So how did Lawrence Peter Berra get the nickname Yogi?

Berra told TBS that Bobby Hoffman, an American Legion teammate in the early 1940s, gave him the moniker.

"We didn't have benches to sit on, so we sat on the ground," Berra told TBS. "I had my arms folded and my legs crossed, and he said, 'You look like a yogi.' And it stayed that way. My wife calls me Yogi now.

"If she calls me Lawrence, I know she's mad at me."


A seasoned veteran

A sports quiz question, courtesy of Steve Schrader of the Detroit Free Press: "What did Rasheed Wallace predict could reach 72 or more?

"a. The Celtics' victory total, threatening the Chicago Bulls' record.

"b. Steps allowed before they call traveling.

"c. His technical total this season.

"d. Chris Chelios, before he retires."


Trivia answer



And finally

From Fox NFL analyst Howie Long, on how to fix the situation with the Oakland Raiders: "Right after I fix health care, I'll get to that one."


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