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Festival time in Hollywood

October 22, 2009|Susan King

Eighty films are featured in the 13th annual Hollywood Film Festival and Hollywood Film Awards, which commences Friday evening at the ArcLight Hollywood with the drama "Another Harvest Moon," starring Ernest Borgnine, Piper Laurie, Anne Meara, Doris Roberts and Cybill Shepherd.

Other films in the festival, which continues through Sunday, include "The Assistants," "Crossing" and "Last Days of Summer." There also will be a festival-within-the-festival, the Hollywood Comedy Film Festival, and a human rights symposium on Saturday. The gala awards ceremony is set for Monday.

Traveling shows

Range Life Entertainment's traveling independent film festival -- this year it's bringing 14 indies to 35 cities -- continues at the Downtown Independent tonight through Saturday. Among the films featured are "Assassination of a High School President" and "Box Elder."

Out of exile

The Egyptian Theatre is playing host to the ARPA International Film Festival Friday evening with the North American premiere of "Venezzia." The festival's mission is to "cultivate cultural understanding and global empathy, creating a dynamic forum of international cinema with a special focus on the work of filmmakers who explore the issues of diaspora, exile and multiculturalism." The festival continues through Sunday.

Sci-fi and stunts

Sci-fi writer Ray Bradbury will introduce the screening of "Something Wicked This Way Comes," the 1983 fantasy he adapted from his own novel, Saturday evening at the American Cinematheque's Aero Theatre. Before the screening he will attend a reception and book signing nearby at Every Picture Tells a Story.

Sunday evening, the Aero hosts a tribute to actor Steve Railsback with a screening of 1980's "The Stunt Man" and the 2000 horror film "Ed Gein." Railsback and "Stunt Man" director Richard Rush will be on hand.

Considered by some the worst film ever, Ed Wood's "Plan 9 From Outer Space" is a must-see for connoisseurs of the truly awful. Sunday, the Silent Movie Theatre presents a 50th anniversary screening.


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