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Transit troubles

October 23, 2009

Re "Plans for trains, river may collide," Oct. 18

The Times' weekend picture of a man walking along the Metrolink tracks near San Fernando Road is the height of irresponsibility.

Just weeks after a series of articles in your paper about Metrolink safety, you show an individual walking with his back to train traffic and trespassing on a railroad right of way. It's unsafe and against the law.

You owe an apology to all the public safety professionals, railroad workers and volunteers who spend hours trying to teach adults and children to stay away from the railroad.

Paul Dyson


The writer is president of the Rail Passenger Assn. of California.


Why do local officials in Los Angeles remain silent while federal transit officials remain blind to what is by far the nation's most inefficient, wasteful transit situation?

The Obama administration is all buzzed up about trendy high-speed joy-riding and doesn't seem to notice the reality of the Wilshire Corridor. It is time that locals step up and call them on it.

John Crandell


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