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Even good plans aren't immune

October 25, 2009

Re: "Bills weak on denials of coverage," Oct. 19:

It was discouraging to read that the healthcare reform bills being debated by Congress would do little to remedy the epidemic of insurance denials.

I recently sat next to a gentleman at a flu shot clinic who told me he has good insurance and doesn't care about fixing other people's problems if that means weakening his own coverage.

I told him my husband's insurer denied coverage for a chemotherapy drug to treat his colon cancer. Only after months of dead-end appeals within the company did we secure payment through an appeal to CalPERS.

The gentleman listened politely but projected an "it couldn't happen to me" attitude. I asked which company provides his coverage.

His answer: "Anthem."

My reply: "Me too."

Lorraine Gayer

Huntington Beach

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