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'Battlestar Galactica: The Plan' DVD to hit stores this week

October 25, 2009|Denise Martin

Before the dawn of "Caprica," another reason to talk about: "Battlestar Galactica."

"The Plan" is the final chapter of "Galactica" in its current incarnation. The original movie, a prequel of sorts that premieres on DVD this week, tells the story of the Cylons' rebellion against the humans from the robots' perspective. A final Emmy call for Tricia Helfer as Six? So say we all! (Tuesday)

Celebrate Halloween by talking about: "Roseanne."

You thought I was going to say "The Simpsons: Tree House of Horror," didn't you? That's already aired! Let's not forget the many episodes of "Roseanne" that celebrated All Hallows' Eve: The Conners have fun with the Ouija board! The parody of "Rosemary's Baby"! The annual party at the lodge! The arrival of long-lost relative Jerry Garcia Conner! Enjoy, courtesy of TV Land. (Saturday)

Dudes, FX wants you to talk about: "The League."

The new semi-improvised comedy revolves around a group of thirtysomething guys in Chicago who participate in a fantasy football league as they deal with friendships, relationships, parenthood and the like. "Humpday's" Mark Duplass stars. Whether it can hold a candle to lead-in "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" is to be determined. (Thursday)

You should talk about: "Sainthood" by Tegan & Sara.

For the first time, indie rock's Canadian twins have teamed to co-write several of the tracks on their sixth studio album, much of which is inspired by the Leonard Cohen song "Came So Far for Beauty." Expect obsession and love unrequited. Swoon. (Tuesday)

If you liked "Napoleon Dynamite," you will want to talk about: "Gentlemen Broncos."

But first, slap yourself for liking "Napoleon Dynamite." Reasons to hope: The log line isn't bad, and Jemaine Clement is in the cast. (As previously established in this column, Clement can do no wrong.) Director Jared Hess' follow-up concerns Benjamin, a home-schooled loner and aspiring writer whose story gets ripped off by a legendary fantasy novelist and adapted into a disastrous movie. (Friday)

-- Denise Martin

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