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Figuring out a haunting

October 25, 2009

"The Ghost Comes Calling"

Betty Ren Wright

Chad finds out there's a ghost haunting Shaky Acres. Every time Chad goes to sleep, the ghost haunts him. He tries to tell his dad, but his dad doesn't believe him. So Chad tries to get evidence. I thought this would be a regular ghost story, but it wasn't. If you like a ghost story, read this.

Reviewed by Amadeus, 10

Third Street Elementary Los Angeles

"The Monster's Ring"

Bruce Coville

A kid named Russell gets this ring from an old man. On Halloween, Russell tries to get revenge on Eddie because Eddie hurt Russell. The main idea of the book is that revenge isn't the answer to anger. I recommend you read it!

Reviewed by Nick, 9

Glenoaks Elementary Glendale

"The Horribly Haunted School"

Margaret Mahy

Have you ever met a ghost? A boy named Monty Merryandrew has. He is allergic to ghosts -- but his parents don't believe in ghosts, so they send him to the Brinsley Codd School for Sensible Thought. This is the funniest book I've ever read!

Reviewed by Amey, 8

Trabuco Mesa Elementary Rancho Santa Margarita

"Ask the Bones: Scary Stories From Around the World"

Arielle North Olson and Howard Schwartz

My favorite part is when the man sees the skull grinning at him inches away from his face. And then long bony fingers curl around his throat. This is a good Halloween book.

Reviewed by Christian, 9

Dorris Place Elementary Los Angeles

"Haunted Castle on Hallows Eve"

Mary Pope Osborne

Jack and Annie decide that it is time to go on another mission to rescue Camelot. The story takes place in a haunted castle. Do you think they can make it back in time and find out how the castle became haunted?

Reviewed by Maya, 8

John S. Malcom Elementary Laguna Niguel

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