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Reality intrudes

October 26, 2009

Re "Out of the mouths of babes," Oct. 20, and "My kid, the TV ratings bonanza," Oct. 19

Children don't seem to get the layers of deception that grown-ups have acquired. When Falcon Heene was put on the spot in the TV interview, he came up with an honest answer.

The story is far from over, and the boy will, no doubt, be mulling over this episode for years to come.

One of the lessons I hope he will take from this experience, though, is that people have compassion. The country responded when he was thought to be in danger, and television announcers breathed a collective sigh of relief when he was found to be safe.

Ellie Berner

San Diego


What are parents thinking nowadays? It seems as if we hear about poor parents every day. The Octomom, Jon and Kate, Britney Spears and now this "balloon boy" drama? Parents need to realize that it is not good for their kids to grow up as a child celebrity.

Matthew Olesh

Canyon Country


Shouldn't the parents also be charged with endangering their children's lives if they're put in a car chasing storms? This is what reality shows do to some people's minds -- twist them. The Colorado sheriff said during a news conference that reality shows are "garbage" and he'd never waste his time watching them. I could not agree more.

Watana Charoenrath

Agoura Hills


If I were a lawyer in the case, I would remind those who judge that the happy ending to the original story made people around the world cry tears of joy.

Stanley Gray

San Gabriel


I can't help but wonder if the father has read the novel "Enduring Love" by Ian McEwan, as the incident almost exactly parallels the novel's precipitating event.

Stan Roth

Los Angeles


Enough already. Enough.

No more balloon boy and family. They have exceeded their 15 minutes of fame. Enough.

Mike Reardon


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