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ALCS seemed a bit drawn out

Some of the highs and lows of watching Angels-Yankees Game 6.

October 26, 2009|DIANE PUCIN

Some of the highs and lows of watching Angels-Yankees Game 6 of the American League Championship Series.

Say hey

Fox's Joe Buck said, "It seems like it's been about a week since we played Game 5 back in Southern California." Well, it was only Thursday. Maybe Buck doesn't like New York?

Say what?

An early Fox graphic gave us these "Keys to the Game." For the Angels: "Trouble with hello is goodbye." And for the Yankees, "Have CC ready for Game 1 of World Series."

Replay this

Vladimir Guerrero got doubled off first on a Kendry Morales pop up in the second. As analyst Tim McCarver said as the play was shown again, "What in the world was Guerrero thinking? You can't double up on this ball."

Sharp shot

There was just a hint of fear on Erick Aybar's face in the bottom of the fourth when Alex Rodriguez came barreling in toward the Angels shortstop. Aybar had Rodriguez sliding between his legs, but Aybar made the throw to first.

Before and after

Fox studio analysts Eric Karros and Mark Grace both picked the Angels to win Game 6. But Ken Rosenthal was interviewing Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter at the end by saying, "You guys have not been to a World Series since 2003, not won once since 2000." Before the statement was finished, Jeter said, "Great to bring up the negative."

And another thing

Not that it's going to change but television does drag out baseball here at the end. Actually, Buck was right. It already seems so long ago that playoff baseball was in Southern California. Like last week.


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