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When the GI Bill comes due

October 27, 2009

Re "Is the GI Bill just an IOU?" Opinion, Oct. 25

I served in the military for four years. I qualified, applied for and was approved for the Post-9/11 GI Bill.

My enthusiasm has been tempered by the VA's inability to process claims. Please don't mistake me: I'm thrilled veterans are applying, which accounts for the delay.

Six weeks is what I budgeted for. It has now been eight weeks (two billing cycles) and payment has yet to be received. When I call the VA, I am told "any day now."

Let me be clear: This is not a bailout. Service has been rendered. However you feel about the wars, there is no denying that the members of our military are doing the heavy lifting. Will you not take better care of them when they return and pursue the chances they probably didn't have in the first place?

We expect more from you because you have asked so much of us.

Gina Krueger

Long Beach


I'm not surprised that among Linsay Rousseau Burnett's reasons for joining the military, the desire to serve one's country lacks mention.

Burnett wouldn't be writing this article save for the GI Bill. Perhaps Burnett should have taken the initiative to anticipate bureaucratic snafus (as the article mentions previous pay issues) and saved some money.

Having deployed myself and received tax-free income and hazard duty/hostile fire premium pay, along with basic allowances for housing and cost of living, I managed to save tens of thousands.

From one veteran to another: Thanks for your service, Burnett. Now quit whining.

Ronald Clark

Los Angeles

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