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Laughing with Soupy

October 28, 2009

Re "Soupy Sales, 1926-2009: Comedian was a '60s TV star," Obituary, Oct. 23

Like many others in the Detroit area, I grew up with his wonderful brand of humor. Soupy used to post his menu so we could have lunch with him every day. I know it drove my mom crazy, but as kids it was important to have whatever he was having.

I wanted my name to show up one day on Willie the Worm's birthday greetings, but it never happened.

Clips from his old shows on YouTube are a treasure and a great reminder of what a terrific entertainer he was.

Jeff Blyth



Here's a timely quote from Soupy Sales, delivered as he approached the camera, his head tilted for the last few words, "If you can't make both ends meet, make one a vegetable."

Mark Rafter

Westlake Village

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