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Letters to the editor

Second thoughts on the Gold Line, little sympathy for Roman Polanski, 'celebrity home' thieves and Columbine from a mother's perspective.

October 29, 2009

Re "Molina is disappointed in Gold Line," Oct. 27

At what point do we make members of the public take a little responsibility for themselves? Does Supervisor Gloria Molina -- who your story says is worried about oncoming trains possibly hitting children after school -- want the new Gold Line to travel with a big plastic bubble around it?

Somehow, surface trains work in other cities with little incident, straight down the streets of the busiest parts of downtown with few gates in sight.

If pedestrians can't notice the huge train coming down the middle of the street, maybe they should not be allowed on the street. Who's to blame? Metro or the pedestrians? Wake up folks; you're not in Kansas anymore.

Clark Woodford

Los Angeles


So Molina "is disappointed in the Gold Line"? She lobbied for it and had plenty of chances to campaign for design changes.

There must be some reason for this sudden buyer's remorse, and we find it at the bottom of the story.

Molina is so disappointed with the Gold Line that she wants it extended further across her district, at the expense of the Westside subway.

Molina is repeating her "poor, sad Eastside" chant once again.

Hans Laetz



So Molina is disappointed that she didn't get a subway. Too bad.

She got what she lobbied for -- public transit to the Eastside -- something that folks to the west and north are still waiting for after years of promises.

A subway would have been at least three times more expensive and would have taken much longer to complete. The Gold Line extension will be a boon to the area, not a disappointment.

And as far as safety goes, it's really simple. You weigh 150 pounds; a train weighs many tons. You can stop on a dime; it can't.

Safety is the responsibility of the pedestrian or the vehicle driver.

Jerry Park

Simi Valley

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