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All that glitters ...

October 29, 2009

Re "Celebrity homes hit by alleged bling ring," Oct. 27

It's really sad that teenage girls' fascination with celebrities has apparently triggered them to want to steal from celebrity homes in order to have some of their personal items -- so that they could be just like them. The paparazzi, and the way the media glamorize celebrities, have caused many people to not love themselves for the way they are. Instead, too many people are busy trying to be like celebrities.

Natalia Ospina



Although I am not a fan of paparazzi-driven stories, I find the excuses proffered by the defendants' attorneys astounding.

According to attorney Blair Berk: "There are only so many shots of a star's back gate before someone, be it a stalker or burglar, goes through it." Attorney Sean Erenstoft avers: "It would be fun to do capers. It was all about fun. It was one of those cases of you get bored, and it was something to do with a little technology."

The "children" identified as having performed these illegal activities are criminals, pure and simple. They should be incarcerated. How much fun would that be?

Jaime Marshall

Santa Monica

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