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Probably not the best choice

October 29, 2009

Re "With Columbine, does more really need to be said?" Opinion, Oct. 22

I can never get past the fact that the parents and families of the shooters had no idea that their kids were capable of this.

From the time their children entered school until the incident, they never noticed any violent tendencies, firearms obsessions, hateful writings? Nothing, huh?

The point here is that if you don't have any idea what your kids are doing or are into, how would you notice that they were suicidal (or homicidal)?

I can't imagine the pain the parents of either the shooters or the victims feel, and further, I can't imagine them ever really "healing." But I tend to agree with Meghan Daum: I think Susan Klebold's efforts to get the word out on suicide is probably not the best choice in trying to help parents.

Mark Kehlenbeck

Canoga Park

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