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October 30, 2009

Re "Dodgers' ownership at stake in McCourt fight," Oct. 28, and "Harsh words fly in McCourt filings," Oct. 29

In a time when many Angelenos are losing their homes, jobs and medical insurance and are struggling to clothe and feed their children and themselves, I should think that even Jamie McCourt might realize the "poor me" mentality doesn't wash when you frequently spend $400 on dinner and $5,000 on a hotel room.

With a billion dollars in assets, perhaps the McCourts should hire a top-notch public relations firm to put a different spin on this.

It would seem that the Dodgers and their fans might be better served by owners who are less petty and avaricious and more attuned to the lives of those of us who live here.

Susan Bernard

Los Angeles


Seeing Jamie McCourt's list of what she needs in her divorce filing makes me like her less than yesterday. Her No. 1 priority is herself, followed by her personal needs, her personal driver, 10 other things, then the Dodgers.

Who asks the court for "flowers in the office" in a divorce filing? I'm on Frank's side to get custody of the Dodgers in this divorce.

Lina Gardner



Jamie McCourt says she needs almost half a million dollars a month to maintain her lifestyle?

I guess that explains why the McCourts think that $15 parking, $8 beer and $5 peanuts are a bargain.

Art Verity

Sherman Oaks

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