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Drawing the line at the border

October 31, 2009

Re "Death in the desert," Editorial, Oct. 27

It's not that "Mexico has failed to ... discourage migration."

Mexican authorities, complicit with the corrupt oligarchies that keep them in power, have, in fact, encouraged migration north to conveniently remove a discontent-fueled revolt at home.

Accepting or tolerating illegal migration will, therefore, perpetuate the status quo. The Mexican-flag-waving demonstrators we often see on newscasts ought to make their voices heard on the streets of Mexico City, not downtown L.A.

The redeeming part of the editorial surfaced in the last paragraph with the observation that "Mexico must create the economic conditions for prosperity at home so that its citizens will stop risking their lives." Duh.

M.C. Magnani



If you want to remove "death in the desert" for illegal aliens, the White House and all of our elected officials need to grow a spine, sending a clear message that there is zero tolerance for breaking immigration laws.

This means broadcasting the message loudly here, around the world and particularly south of the U.S. border.

It means cracking down on employers who use illegal workers, and it means making the E-Verify program mandatory for all employers.

In other words, the U.S. needs to enforce its immigration laws.

Maria Fotopoulos

Los Angeles


Listen, Mexico will never shape up economically as long as it can "export" its excess population across our border and force us to deal with its problems.

As The Times inadvertently points out, Operation Gatekeeper works, and if it were extended to the Gulf of Mexico instead of stopping at San Ysidro, there would be a dramatic decrease in the desert deaths you claim to be so concerned about.

Randle C. Sink

Huntington Beach

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