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Clippers out of sorts mentally and physically

Marcus Camby tweaks his left ankle in loss to Utah Jazz, while Al Thornton struggles from the field.

October 31, 2009|Lisa Dillman

You might say the Clippers were wounded both physically and mentally.

There was Marcus Camby, who tweaked his left ankle in the first quarter and had to come out of the game in visible discomfort less than two minutes into Friday night's game at Utah.

"I don't even remember what happened," said Camby, who went on to finish with six points and 13 rebounds in the 111-98 loss to the Jazz. "I remember rolling it. It was a big game. I had to get right back at it. I didn't want to sit out and let it get stiffened up. I'll be all right for tomorrow."

Then there was Al Thornton, who was two-for-10 shooting, had two turnovers and seemed out of sorts.

"To be honest, I think I'm settling too much," Thornton said. "I need to attack. . . . I think I'm doing the opposite. I've got to switch it up, that's all."


Baron Davis was peppered with questions about his matchup against Deron Williams, who had 21 points and four assists. "He reminds me how I was with that bounce," Davis said, calling Williams the most underrated point guard in the league. . . .

Backup point guard Sebastian Telfair said he has figured out why the TNT crew doesn't like Blake Griffin's nickname, with one of them saying on the air Thursday that it was one of the dumbest nicknames they've heard. Telfair first called Griffin Amazin', and many of the Clippers have followed suit.

"Because they didn't come up with it," Telfair said. "I guess after they see him play this year and after they see a lot of his plays, they'll agree with it."


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