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The first steps to leaving home

September 01, 2009

Re "College send-off still scary," Column, Aug. 29

As a current college senior, the column made me look back: moving thousands of miles away from home as an 18-year-old straight out of high school was as difficult for me as it was for my parents.

I was forced to grow up much faster than I ever imagined possible. But every amazing experience I had and all the wonderful people I met were because of my judgment, with no one telling me what was right or wrong.

I'm your typical college student, trying to work my way through school, get an education and start a good career -- but it is all because my parents laid the building blocks.

So parents, be confident in the way you raised your children and be there no matter when we may need you -- but don't be scared to let us grow up.

Rachael Grosskopf

Los Angeles


Let the kid grow up. Don't even begin to ask an 18-year-old to check in with you every night by cellphone.

What keeps our kids from being able to function as adults is an omnipresent parent who whimpers and whines about the kid checking in before going to bed in his or her own dorm room.

Granted, there are risks, but risks are everywhere. Teach your daughter how to be vigilant, careful and prudent in her life, associations and decisions -- and please let go, mom.

Beth Costanza


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