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Tortured by Cheney

September 04, 2009

Re "Cheney calls CIA probe 'outrageous,' " Aug. 31

Like many has-beens, Dick Cheney struggles to remain relevant, not accepting that he has become an anachronism. Yet it is beyond me why President Obama -- and the media -- continue to engage him. As G.K. Chesterton noted, even a poor shot is dignified when he accepts a duel. Or to put it in less elegant terms, never argue with a fool -- people might not know the difference.

Robert Ouriel

Los Angeles

Cheney blasts Obama: Wow, what a surprise! Maybe next you can write a story letting us know that Cheney eats oatmeal for breakfast; it'd be equally irrelevant.

Barry H. Davis

Agoura Hills


After eight years of Bush/Cheney, are you/we all so stupid that no one can tell the difference between torture and administrative policy; between a preliminary review of possible criminal acts and a political witch hunt? Or is no one willing to call acts "torture" that the U.S. and the civilized world have identified as torture for literally hundreds of years?

The article on Cheney's interview on Fox News was stunning in its use of euphemisms for torture, its unwillingness to speak the truth and the avoidance of journalistic inquiry.

Richard Green

San Clemente


Dear Mr. Cheney: You're not "president" anymore. Please take up golf and stop interfering with President Obama, whom we elected to clean up your messes.

Jef Norton



If there are two things we learned from members of the Bush administration, it's that the volume at which they protest is directly related to the degree of their guilt. And that anyone who tries to get them to answer questions is called unpatriotic. So glad they're gone.

Ed Yeager

San Marino

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