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Minnelli gave a memorable night

September 05, 2009

In response to Charles McNulty's review of Liza Minnelli's performance at the Hollywood Bowl ["Here's Liza to a T," Aug. 31], I would like to say that his negative remarks were uncalled for.

Liza brought to the Hollywood Bowl thousands of patrons, energy, electricity and passion rarely seen anywhere. Everyone except McNulty left the concert feeling a passion for life. It must be that, as a critic, he feels a need to focus on the negative, which is a sad commentary, indeed.

Liza Minnelli's performance was magnificent!

Cedric Emery

Santa Paula


Mr. McNulty, that Liza Minnelli is standing, let alone performing, is remarkable. She had a serious bout of viral encephalitis back in 2000 that could have killed her! And why compare her to her mother, Judy Garland, at this stage of her life? Judy stopped performing in her 40s (she died aged 47). Liza is now 63 and well beyond the age of judging who is/was the better singer.

At the end of the day, I, along with the sellout crowd of 17,000 at the Hollywood Bowl, went home a happy camper! Liza knows how to entertain and she sure did!!

Jane Kaye


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