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USC's tough questions

September 05, 2009

Who thinks freshman Matt Barkley will lead the Trojans to road victories over Oregon, Cal, Notre Dame and Ohio State?

Who cares that Matt Barkley understands the offense better than Matt Leinart, John David Booty and Mark Sanchez did in their first training camps? What did they do as freshmen? Nothing. What should concern USC fans is Barkley's 18 interceptions as a high school senior and his interceptions in spring and summer camp.

Matt Barkley will do for USC what Jimmy Clausen did for Notre Dame as a freshman: throw too many interceptions and win too few games.

David Muskrath, Valencia

In Chris Dufresne's column about Pete Carroll selecting Matt Barkley to be the Trojans' starting quarterback, Dufresne states "that this could be the worst decision Pete has made since telling Mark Sanchez not to enter the NFL draft."

With all due respect, Chris, you couldn't be more wrong. What Pete has in fact learned from the Sanchez situation is to give the starting job to the most talented quarterback rather than the so-called "more experienced" quarterback.

Robert Scott

Los Angeles


If Jerome Bettis was "The Bus," then Aaron Corp should be known as "Thrown Under the Bus."

Jim Logan


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