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September 05, 2009

The two local baseball teams are leading their divisions at the onset of September. This is the beginning of the stretch run in the pennant races, but you wouldn't know it looking at the front page of the last two Sunday Times sports sections. That's because these teams' game stories have been relegated to the inner pages. Instead, most of the sports section front pages were devoted to stories about Brett Favre and Tim Tebow. That's interesting, in light of the fact that L.A. doesn't even have an NFL team, and Tebow plays for a team in the Southeastern Conference, not the Pac-10.

This is Los Angeles. The newspaper is the Los Angeles Times. This is still baseball season. Try to accept that fact.

Ned Shapiro

Mar Vista


Wait a minute! A Formula One headline under The Day In Sports? More than a slow news day, it must have been a no news day!

Dennis White

Pacific Palisades

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