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More biplane ride choices

September 06, 2009

I'm sorry Jim Winnerman's article "Wing and a Prayer" [Aug. 23] missed one of the country's finest biplane rides, especially since it's here at Santa Monica Airport.

Black & White Biplane ( operates one of the most beautiful WACO biplanes in the world. Black & White also is the only carbon-neutral ride operation in the U.S. (we purchase carbon offsets) and has a perfect safety record.

L.A. offers wonderful aerial tour possibilities, with coastline and ridges and everything in between, from the Queen Mary to the Hollywood sign.

Brian Beker

Owner, Black & White Biplane

Santa Monica


Great article about biplanes. Banner Airways out of Oceano gives rides over the Pismo Beach Pier and Oceano Dunes. Great experience, fabulous scenery.

Mary Lou Johnson

Pismo Beach, Calif.

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