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Up in the booth

September 12, 2009

Here's who I favor to take over the Dodgers' telecasts after Vin Scully retires: nobody.

With a good TV director and all the graphics now shown on the screen, I would prefer to watch the game with only the stadium announcer and the sounds of the game and the crowd. I don't need anyone to tell me when Kemp catches a ball or Furcal strikes out or Pierre singles. It's TV. I can see it for myself. And I certainly don't need announcers to read graphics to me or tell me how I should feel.

Dave Datz



I think it is safe to say that not just Dodgers fans, but all baseball fans, dread the day that Vin Scully calls it quits. Like Mr. Simers said, his retirement will mean the end of an era in baseball. He is the last of the truly great solo announcers. For the generations of baseball fans to come, they will never know what it's like to listen to a real sportscaster.

As far as the issue of when Vin Scully should retire, that is a tricky one. Selfishly, many Dodgers fans like Mr. Simers and me would like to see Vinny call games for as long as he can. However, it would be painful to watch Scully deteriorate over the air like so many others. It will certainly be a sad day when Scully stops broadcasting Dodgers games, but it would make it a little easier if he were to go out on top.

Tucker Nesbitt



When the Dodgers moved here in 1958, one of the greatest thrills of my young baseball life was the weekend series with the hated Giants played in San Francisco. Unless the Dodgers were to get in the World Series, these were the only Dodgers games you could get on TV. For a 10-year-old boy, the anticipation of game time was excruciating, waiting for Vinny to come on and "wish everyone a pleasant good evening, wherever you might be."

Now, some 51 years later, the Dodgers-Giants weekend series once again proves excruciating, especially in light of the current standings. I'll be pulling up a chair with Vin this weekend in anticipation of a good old Dodgers-Giants donnybrook. Maybe Roseboro and Marichal will be tuning in as well, "wherever they might be."

John R. Grush

Mission Viejo


Vin probably wouldn't want to do so for his own financial gain, but could you imagine how much cash he could raise for charity if he wrote his memoir and narrated the audiobook version?

Cal Teraoka

Costa Mesa


Arte Moreno, if you insist on using amateurs in the booth, send them to the "Vin Scully School of Baseball Announcing."

Jerry Kroker

Aliso Viejo

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