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Just your normal millionaire

September 13, 2009

Please tell us that writer Kate Aurthur, for her interview with Courteney Cox ("She's Way Too Normal," Sept. 6) just plain forgot to ask if the actress really truly wanted to be quoted as saying, "Did we get a million dollars an episode for just one year or two [of "Friends"]?. . . . Isn't that amazing? A million dollars an episode! What did I do with that money?"

Surely, given that chance, the "way too normal" Cox would have realized how incredibly asinine she'd sound in casually discussing and then dismissing what sounds to be more than $15 million for a single year's worth of work, especially during these record-awful economic times.

Absent that, at least tell me you guys were having a joke among yourselves in using producer/former boss Marta Kauffman's assessment's of Cox ("She is the most down-to-earth, real human being -- probably in Hollywood") as a pull-quote for the article.

Jim McKairnes

Manhattan Beach

That Courteney Cox, what a hoot she is. Besides her "many homes," she's as normal as you and me. Yeah, right. Please, no more articles about clueless elitists who don't even have the class to be embarrassed about their selfish lives. Talk about banal.

Jane Bove

Fountain Valley

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